Let’s star with: you don’t need a coach.
That’s right. You don’t need a coach.

You’re already a whole.

You have within you everything you need. It’s default. You’ve been ready from the day you were born.

The thing is: throughout the way you’ve created blocks. (Don’t worry, we all did, it wasn’t just you)

You started believing…

“I’m not good enough”

“Who am I to say/do this?”

“I’m not like them, I’m different, I can’t do it”

“This is not for me”

“Life’s hard”

“Things don’t work out for me”

Etc, etc, etc.

The Coach works with you on these blocks.

To help you not only identify them, but also reframe them and leave them behind.

You have the answers, the Coach will guide you to find them so you know how to use them for life.

Can you do it on your own?

Yes, yes you can.

Is it going to take longer?

Yes, much longer.

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“There’s something magical that occurs whenever I have a coaching session with Fernanda. It’s like she can hear things I’m not even saying! Since working with her I’ve had the confidence to make some big decisions in my life and in my career. I’ve started a new Video Marketing company that’s really impacting people’s businesses in ways I never thought were possible. It seriously makes me feel totally ALIVE whenever I think about what I do and I am clear that the powerful conversations I’ve had with Fernanda played a part in this manifesting in my life. I’m talking dreams come true kinda stuff.”
Rory Bland